Increasing Importance can cause lack of results

Alright, so increasing importance can cause lack of results and I will tell you why. The thing is that when you increase importance of something then you are seperating yourself from it. Your vibration is no longer in sync with the vibration of that thing.

The law of vibration states that all objects are in constant motion. Your body has its own vibration. If you want to attract something in your life then your vibration must be in synchronicity with the vibration of the thing that you are trying to manifest. The thing is when you place too much importance on something, then your vibration is not in synchronicity with what you have placed extreme importance on. Your vibration is determined by your thoughts, feelings, actions, attitude beliefs etc. Now, what happens is that when you place a lot of importance on something, you are likely to not manifest it into your life. This is not just for attracting people or relationships, but for objects as well. If you are trying to manifest money and have placed a lot of importance on it, then you might be unsuccessful. Obviously, when I talk about placing less importance I don’t mean that you should start discarding it, I mean that you should not make it something that you can’t do without.

You attract objects whose vibration is matching your vibration. So, when you place a large amount of importance on something then your vibration is not matching the vibration of the object you are trying to manifest. And so, you will not be able to manifest the thing that you have placed extreme importance on.

You would have found that when you stopped caring about things, results happened in a much better way. Well, that is because you have decreased the importance of that thing. So, for anything in life, remember that you should not place extreme importance on that thing be it a job interview, getting good grades, manifesting a partner etc.

Remember, if you want something to happen wish for it, but don’t place too much importance on it. If it is meant for you then you will get it and if you don’t get it, then it wasn’t meant for you anyway. You can check out Aaron Doughty’s youtube channel. He speaks a lot about these topics specifically.

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