How Raining by Art Of Dying explains what going through depression is like.

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Art of Dying in one of my favorite bands and Raining is in my opinion the best song by the band released in 2011. There are different versions of the song and one of the versions of the song features Adam Gontier.

Art of Dying dedcated the song to Adam and his former band ‘Three Days Grace’ which had been a major influence for them.

Song Meaning

Well, it is hard to exactly pin point what the singer is talking about since I couldn’t find a source which exactly spoke about what the singer is dealing with. I believe one can look at the song and see how it relates to their life. This is my interpretation of the song and I could be wrong about it.

‘Raining inside’ is simile used by the singer to explain how his situation is. It is definitely not a comfortable situation to be in. Now the starting verse is about being so high that one is scared to look down. The singer could be talking about dr*g issues that he is dealing with. Dr*gs make you feel high and you are scared of how it would be when you come down. It could be about something else who knows.

The song is about dealing with bad feelings probably depression, despair, anxiety etc. Usually in such a state, a person is scared to live life and be the way that he is. One does not want to deal with the outside world and prefers to be locked in. I believe these are things that do happen once in a while with everyone in life.

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In the end, the song is positive because the person is hopeful that the situation he is in right now will end sooner or later. Being in depression feels terrible and its almost like if the tough time will last forever but, eventually things become better with time. Its always possible to overcome the situation that one is dealing with. So, this is what the song ‘Raining’ is all about.

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