Desire may cause a lack of results. Here is why?

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So, a lot of people think that desire is the key to manifesting your dreams. While that may be true in a way, desire is actually not a good vibration to be in and might actually block the thing from entering in your life.

Consciousness levels

So, David Hawkins who wrote the book called ‘Power vs Force’, in which he talked about the different levels of consciousness. These levels of consciousness are different emotions and feelings that any person endures. Now, people can experience different levels of emotion, however their dominant vibration is characterized by the level of consciousness that they are in most of the time.


Now, desire calibrates at a vibrational level of 125 and is among the lower categories of consciousness. Desire is a lot better than fear and other levels of vibration below it. Desire can inspire people to take action and create a better life for themselves. But, still it resonates at a low level.

A lot of people feel having a great desire is beneficial for manifestation, however it can actually be a hindrance to actual manifestation. Desire means wanting something and what happens is that you attract what you feel. So, when you feel like you want something then it is going to reflect back at you. At this level, the individual is mainly feeling a craving towards a certain thing be it money, love etc. Desire signifies a lack of a particular thing, because if you desire something it means that you don’t have it. I guess almost everyone has encountered examples of how desire proves counter productive. In my life, whenever I have really wanted to win competitions, I have lost all of them. I won a medal in my last race in school only because I had let gone of the attachment to the medal by that time.

A lot of individuals in our society crave certain things that they don’t currently possess. A lot of people feel that if they get the thing that they want then they will be happy and satisfied once and for all. However, that never really happens. The human mind is such that it will automatically look for the next thing that it finds desirable.

Letting go of desire

The thing is that if you want to manifest something, you must learn to let go of the attachment to it. Most of the times, what happens is that when people want to manifest something, they think about having it. Desire is useful in terms of letting them know what they want. However, when they let go of it and focus on other things, they find that manifestation happens in a much easier manner.

It is important to be okay with not getting what you want. The reason is because one must realize that the thing that you get after manifestation will never give you any real fulfillment after a certain point of time. For example, I guess most of us grew up wanting to have a particular phone during that time which we considered to be a great set. Now, I believe today we have much better phones than the ones we imagined as kids growing up. Now, do we really look at the phones we have now and feel ‘Wow, I have such a great phone and it feels so good using it’. No, right. The reason is because no material accomplishment can give you ever lasting fulfillment.

Knowing this, we can let go of desire. Desire can be helpful in letting us know what we would like to have in our life. But after we realize the thing we desire, we must learn to let go of it. Then, we will be able to manifest it into our reality.

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