Why seeking validation is not good and what you should know about it?

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So, I believe some of us as far as I think have sought validation from other people. I personally have a lot of times. However, what I have realized is the fact that when you seek validation from other people it actually tends to repel that in a negative way.

Now, the basic idea is that whenever you want something really badly, you are saying that you currently don’t have it. If you want something, you can ask the universe to bring it to you and also see as to what can you do to get that thing. However, you must learn to be alright without that thing.

Now, in the case of seeking validation and approval the thing is that other people can always come to know that you want their approval. Lets say, when you want someone’s approval you radiate the energy of wanting their approval and they can sense it. In a way, it actually has the opposite affect of what you would want to have on them. Instead of giving you the validation and approval, they might get agitated by you.

This is what happens when you might accomplish something and expect people to praise and validate you, but instead you find that they are actually not feeling that way. I mean sure, some people might like your post or write nice compliments on it but it could be that they are just being nice to you cause they think of you as a nice friend. Another example would be that you tell a joke and the reason you are telling it is to gain the validation of other people rather than because you are actually interested in saying it.

So, personally I would suggest you to not base your value on what other people think. You must ask yourself as to why do you crave that validation so much. How is it really benefiting you or providing you any value? Also, realize that you can give yourself the validation and approval and you never need other people to tell you what you already know. You can check out Aaron Doughty’s channel on youtube to know more about it.

Help us reach more people

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