Raising your vibration might cause you to loose friends.

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So, a side effect of raising your vibration might be that you will loose contact with friends. If your vibration is raised to a point where in it is way beyond the people you hang out with, you will start to notice that there will be little for you to associate with them.

A lot of people are not into self development. Most of the people are not bothered about how they can improve their life beyond a certain level. A lot of people are just trying to get by and pass time. Most people don’t discover their true purpose and why they have actually come to planet Earth.

So, that is why a lot of people who are into improving their life circumstances might find themselves alone cause there will be a very few people who will resonate with them. For you to be friends with someone, you need to be in a similar vibration as them. If your vibration surpasses theirs by a huge level, then there is going to be a disconnect between you and them.

Also, there might be a disinterest in doing things that you normally do. For example, you might find that you are less attached to watching movies and or doing things that you earlier did with your friends. So, in that case also there might be less to associate with them.

However, there are going to be people with higher vibration and you could meet them in future. So, it might feel as if you’re alone for sometime but eventually you will meet people who will resonate at your level and you will have better connections with them. Meanwhile, learn to enjoy your own company and be fine with the way you are because you are already whole and complete.

Raising your vibration doesn’t mean that you have to be alone or that you will find no one that you could resonate with. The idea is that if your friends are the types who are not into developing themselves or raising their vibration and are stuck in a lower vibration than you, then you might feel disconnected with them. However, there are many people with higher vibration that you could attract later on, so everything is fine.

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