There for Tomorrow: Band Review, History and Best Songs

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There for Tomorrow is an alternative rock band from Orlando, Florida formed in 2003. The original group consisted of 4 members: Maika Maile, Chris Kamrada, James Flaherty, and Jay Enriquez. James left in 2005 and Christian joined the band in 2006.

The band has produced some really good music. Personally, I like listening to ‘The World Calling’ and ‘ A Little Faster’ my 2 favorite songs by the band. The band was quite active till 2012. Most of their youtube videos uploaded are around from that time. Although they did release a video about 2 years back which was regarding promoting their 10 year anniversary of the ‘A Little Faster’ LP show on 29 November 2019.

The band had decided to take things slow and back in 2012 they were on a break. They finally decided to disband themselves in 2014 stating that they were trying to find themselves as individuals. They played their farewell shows in December 2014 in their hometown in Orlando.

Meanwhile, Maika and Chris began collaborating on a new side project called Afterhour stylized as AFTRHR.

The band regrouped in 2019 and played a livestream on May 21, 2020. Personally, the band is worth checking out.

Personally, these 2 songs by the band are worth listening to-

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