What Valentine’s Day by Linkin Park was actually about?

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Valentine’s Day is a song by the well known rock band Linkin Park from the album ‘Minutes to Midnight’ released on 14th May 2007.

Song Meaning and Story

A lot of people do speculate that Chester wrote this song because his father died on the Valentine’s day and he is singing this song in the memory of his father but this is not true as his father is still alive.

Also at the same time when the song was recording, Chester was happily married to Talinda so I don’t really think he would make a song about missing an old love in the past. Now, I believe the entire band contributed to the lyrics of the song not Chester alone. So, it could be a general song based on feeling lonely because you have no one to celebrate your Valentine’s Day with or feeling depressed because someone important has passed away. There was a particular source that mentioned that Chester was singing this song as a tribute to an old member from one of the bands that Chester was in before. He was a friend of Chester who had passed away. Before his death, he wanted to meet Chester and Chester was busy on tour so he could not meet him. Chester was feeling guilty about his death and the song is Chester expressing his regret. So, these are certain speculations regarding the song, however I can’t guarantee if any of these are correct.

I couldn’t find any direct source where in Chester was talking about what the song was about. He was asked regarding the song to which he replied that this song was pop in nature and they have to be careful in what they produce so that they don’t loose the integrity of what they do.

It’s definitely one of the poppier songs on the album. We have to be very careful sometimes that we don’t lose the integrity of what we’re doing – we’re a very dark band and we like it like that. We talk about uncomfortable things and try to make you comfortable with that. We tried to do that here in a more poppy song and I really like that aspect of the album.

Chester Bennington on the song Valentine’s Day

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