The Story behind the rock masterpiece ‘Stronger’ by Emphatic

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Stronger is a rock song released by the American rock band ‘Emphatic’. It is probably the most popular song by the band and one that stands out to me the most.

Justin McCain sang another version of this song with his another founded band ‘Through Fire’.

Meaning and Explanation

So, the song is about overcoming a difficult person who drags you down. It could be an abusive partner or a bully in school. Some people can even relate to it as a bad habit that one wants to overcome.

That’s another song I wrote about someone who was close to me. As far as writing, that’s my true passion, and every song I write is based upon my own experience or the experience of someone close to me. For “Stronger,” a close friend was going through a bad relationship, and I felt like, “You’re better than this, and you don’t need to feel so beaten and broken down.” It’s one of those songs about victory. If you’re knocked down, get back up, and you’ll be stronger because of it.

Justin McCain

According to Justin, he wrote this song based on his friend’s experience of being in a bad relationship.

Overall, a great rock song. The vocals are incredibly powerful, loud and rhythmic at the same time. The instrumentals and guitar riffs are great too. So, this is one of my favorite rock songs ever.

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