Sing For The Moment: Eminem Clap Back at the Media

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Sing For The Moment is a song by Eminem from his album ‘The Eminem Show’ released on 25th February 2003. The chorus is taken from the classic rock song called ‘Dream On’ by Aerosmith and Joe Perry even played the guitar solo in the end.

Song Meaning

Eminem starts off the verse talking about a kid with dyed hair who listens to music with his headphones and stays in his own zone all the time while also having problems with his step dad. Now, I believe this is based off of the real life incidents that happened in Eminem’s life while he was young.

If you have followed Eminem, you would know that he never got along with his mom and also had problems with his step father. The song’s first verse is giving a glimpse of what Eminem’s life was as a kid growing up.

Later on, Eminem talks about all the problems that the media and prosecutors create for him. Eminem’s lyrics seem disruptive especially for the young audience that follow him. Words have power and depending on how influential the person who uses them is the more impact they create on the minds of people.

Eminem started off as a rapper barely trying to make a living out of it. Eventually as he became a big star he was able to create a fortune and be independent. However, there came another problem along the way- the media. Now, the media prosecutors, journalists, critics etc were after him and wanted him off the music scene according to what he says in the lyrics.

He even takes a shot at John Guerra stating that he is worthless and full of non sense. John Guerra was the person that had an affair with Kim(Em’s ex wife).

The problem was that a lot of kids were influenced by Eminem. Rap was highly influential in those times and several children used to take Eminem’s lyrics literally which caused problems like shooting in schools, public places etc.

Apart from that, the song talks about how people cope up with problems in their life through the rap songs that Eminem writes. Eminem talks about how important it is to seize the moment which he also mentions in ‘Lose Yourself’ to act on time without wasting it. Music is powerful and leaves an imprint of the artist on the world. Hence, the artist’s influence is permanent even though he might have left the world.

The music video contains several clips from the Anger Management Tour and contains cameos from fellow rappers like Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, D12, Ludacris and Rass Kass.

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