Why Beautiful by Eminem is probably his best song ever.

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Beautiful is my personal favorite song by Eminem. It was released on 11 August 2009. The song was partially written during the first time he went to rehab and it was completed years after he got clean.

Song Explanation and Meaning

At that point of time, Em was battling addic*ion and going through a lot of turmoil. He tells us a lot about his mental state at that time when he raps about how being depressed if he could just get out the slump.

These lyrics tell us about him being in a really bad state that he could not overcome for a long time. He probably eventually got over the problem as he says ‘Fell down and got right back up’.

It’s the only one I could actually listen to and feel OK about. It brings me back to a time when I was really depressed and down, but at the same time it reminds me of what that space is like and what never to go back to.

There is a lot of honesty in that song that I wouldn’t want to just throw away. I started writing the first verse and half of the second when I was in rehab going through detox. I didn’t have a beat in my head or anything like that… I wrote the verse and just knew I wanted it to be a bounce-style, I guess. I

got that first bit out and finished it when I got out of rehab, when I relapsed right back into taking pills. If you listen to that song and how it starts off, I’m just so f–king depressed.


Eminem talked about the fact that he was writing this song when he was sitting in detox and he wasn’t fully committed to it and not fully detoxed.

I wrote it during that period – the first two days. I was sitting there not knowing where I wanted to be in my career. I didn’t even know if I wanted a career any more, because this s–t was too much. It just wasn’t worth it.


However given the tough situation that he was in, he just wasn’t ready to rap again. During that time he even thought of leaving rap and starting something else. After that, he goes on to deliver his message in the song which is quite simple.

Its crazy how Eminem can think of random things and put them out in music the way that he does, be it feeling each other’s pain in each other’s shoes or explaining his situation regarding recognition and attention.

Eminem has a lot of depth in his songs and his expression along with the rhythm is incredible.

Its a good thing that Eminem got sober and has been that way since then.

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