‘Love The Way You Hate Me’: The most iconic song by Like A Storm

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Like A Storm is one of my favorite bands. They are an alternative metal/hard rock band from Aukland, New Zealand. They have been on a lot of tours performing live and sharing stages with bands like Godsmack, Three Days Grace etc.

Song Meaning and Review

‘Love The Way You Hate Me’ is among my favorite rock songs by them. The song has sounds pretty intense and contains crazy lyrics. The song is an alternative rock song with didgeridoo sounds combined which is what the band is known for. The didgeridoo does add up to the emotion of the song and goes pretty fine with the rhythm of the song.

My interpretation of the song about being a rebel and not fitting well with the rest of the people or the society. The society expects you to be a certain way and they judge you on the basis of how you perform by their standards.

The society is quick to form opinions about you and they think they know all about you while they have never been in your place to understand you. Sometimes one gets tired of how the society deals with them and they feel like causing some sort of rebellion.

The song resonated a lot with my situation around 5 years back actually. Being in depression, I could not focus on studies and had a tough time going through life in college. Since to the outside world I wasn’t doing well academically, people were quick to form opinions about me.

People were judging me based on their parameters which I obviously didn’t like. I knew at that time that I wanted to do something that I was passionate about and I started working on that. Sometimes, you do feel like showing those people what you are capable of and take them by surprise.

When I listen to the song these things do come to mind.

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