The Tragic Story behind the song ‘Above and Below’ by The Bravery

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The Bravery is a rock band from New York formed in 2003.

The band was active from 2003 till 2011. They later split to pursue their individual ventures and regrouped again in 2021. The band has performed a few live shows like the one at Rickshaw Shop in San Francisco in 2021, Corona Capital City in Mexico city etc.

Song Review and Explanation

Above and Below is among my favorite songs by the band. It was also featured in ‘Never Back Down’ movie.

The song is about how lead singer feels depressed to the point that he considers suicide. It is pretty evident from the lyrics.

The singer feels ashamed of living and wants to be left alone. However, he is hopeful of finding something worth living for. He talks about how badly he wants to quit, however he wants to live on in the hope that he will be happy in life.

He also mentions how mankind is actually a curse to nature and causes a lot of harm to it. He refers to the masses as a ‘vicious child’ that nature never wanted.

The singer is hoping for more in the future and is not satisfied with where he is. He says if this all he has and ever will, he’ll leave today cause there is nothing left to keep him there.

Regardless, of how he feels he knows that he must keep on moving in life in order to find purpose and direction.

According to sources, Sam gave his insights on the band and the influence that growing up in New York had on his music.

We’re called the Bravery because that’s the mindset I was in when I was writing the songs. Everyone in my age group wants to know what they’re going to do with their lives. They all think that they’re worth nothing and they’re heading nowhere. People are drowning in these thoughts and I just got sick of it. I didn’t want to be like that.

The name is also connected with living in New York in this really weird time. People are constantly waiting for something bad to happen. I wrote these songs and formed this band to make sure I didn’t get overcome by that sense of fear. That’s what this band is about–standing tall and not being afraid.

Sam Endicot

Overall, the song is quite good. It is simple in terms of lyrics and melody yet very pleasing to listen to.

The Bravery might release new music in the future, now that they are together so do check out their channel to know updates regarding them.

Let me know how you found this song in the comments below.

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    1. Yeah, this was a really cool song by the band. They got back together in 2021 so we might get new songs by them.

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