French Protesters attack Paris Blackrock building

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France is known for its revolutions and people in France are quick to take actions against decisions which seem unjustified to them.

Off recent, Emmanuel Macron had decided to increase the age for retirement from 62 to 64 years. Macron used the contentious provision called Article 49 to raise the retirement age despite facing severe protests and it was approved by the French court.

Following the enactment, several protesters took to the streets setting fires across the city and around 112 people were arrested.

What is interesting is that people chose to specifically attack the building where Blackrock office was situated.

Blackrock is the world’s largest asset manager with over 15 trillion dollars worth of assets under management. The firm has stakes in giant corporations like Facebook, Amazon, IBM, Apple etc.

It is speculated that people targeted Blackrock because they feel Blackrock had something to do with the decision making in the politics. The narrative seem to be that global corporations have some role to play in the decision making and use money and power to manipulate rules in their favor.

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