The true meaning behind Rihanna’s Te Amo

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Te Amo is a song by the singer and songwriter Rihanna on 28th May 2010 as the sixth and final single of the album ‘Rated R’.

The song scores high in terms of melody and rhythm. Rihanna is pretty good in that aspect. She understands how music is supposed to sound and has produced several hit songs.


The song is about Rihanna’s friend who is a lesbian. Her friend loves her but Rihanna does not feel that way about her. ‘Te Amo’ is Spanish for ‘I love you’ as is mentioned in the lyrics.

Initially, Rihanna is confused by the term ‘Te Amo’ because she doesn’t understand it herself. She eventually realizes that her friend is serious about it when she says ‘Te Amo’ meaning that she loves her.

Her friend doesn’t want to let go of her but Rihanna doesn’t feel that way about her.

French model Laetitia Casta plays as Rihanna’s romantic interest. The video was filmed in Vigny, France and was directed by Anthony Mandler.

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