My opinion on Above It All by Saint Asonia

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Above it All is a new song released by Saint Asonia as part of the new EP called ‘Introvert’. The music video for the song was released on 6th May 2022.

Song Review and Meaning

Above It All’ is about rising above all the chaos, negativity, judgment and living the life you want to, not the life that is expected of you by others.

The song was written during the first lockdown in Canada after COVID hit. None of us had ever been through anything like this in our lifetimes and no one really knew how we as a society should act and deal with a global pandemic. I really felt it gave people a great opportunity to search inside themselves about how best to deal with these crazy circumstances and choose how they want to live their lives coming out of this.

Adam Gontier

Personally, when I listen to the song I am motivated to overcome my demons. I feel like letting go of the past and moving towards the direction that I want to move in. The time to do anything is now and because time is precious. If you want to live in a particular way then now is the time to live that way. Really a good song about giving up bad habits and doing something constructive with your life. I don’t know if Adam meant it that way or if I am interpreting it this way. But this is what I feel when I listen to the song.

Adam Gontier is one of the best rock singers I have ever come across. Somehow, I really like his lyrics and style of expressing emotions. Its amazing how he keeps coming up with new music even after so many years.

With that being said, this song is good. However, it is a little boring in the sense that I have been listening to this kind of music and there is nothing new about it. I feel like Saint Asonia needs to produce a little different kind of music. I really liked two of their songs-Better Place and Ghost.

I do understand that it might be difficult to have innovations in alternative rock genre and given their background this song was somewhat how I expected them to produce. However, I feel like some sort of enhancement is required of them.

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