IShowSpeed in India, the situation we never thought would happen

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So, IShowSpeed aka Speed is currently amongst the hottest YouTubers on the planet right now. I don’t even know where to start off with this guy.

So, it was not long ago since he started watching football and within a few months he was present at the FIFA World Cup. He ended up meeting Cristiano Ronaldo and also attended some of Lionel Messi’s games in USA.

He has been part of the Sidemen community too and has done videos with them as well. For some reason, he ended up liking Virat Kohli and wanted to meet him as well so he flew to India.

Meanwhile, he even met Daler Mehndi and collaborated with him to perform his trademark song ‘Tunak Tunak Tun’ in India. He also met MC Stan and other youtubers from India as well.

He was present for India Vs Pakistan match and he probably didn’t get to meet Virat Kohli. He saw the match only to see Virat get out at 16 runs. I don’t think Virat would’ve been in the mood to meet anyone after that.

Anyway, him being in India and actually connecting with Indian crowd is pretty wholesome in my opinion. I respect the effort this guy puts in to create content. He is literally travelling across continents to entertain people. He also does his research and is prepared for literally anything.

He is currently at over 20 million subscribers on YouTube. You can check out his channel to know more about it.

Help us reach more people

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