How Raw Thoughts IV by Chris Webby explains America’s current situation.

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Chris Webby is an American rapper from Norwalk, Connecticut. He released a son called Raw Thoughts 4 in 2020 as part of the ’28 Wednesdays Later’ album. In this article, we’ll talk about Raw Thoughts IV Review.

Raw Thoughts IV Song Review and Explanation

So, Chris has been heavy into political rap and been known to spit pretty controversial and aggressive lines. In raw thoughts he can be seen expressing his discontent over the situation of America, the political system and figures, the policies etc.

Honestly, a lot of what he says does make a lot of sense. He calls out several people like Bill and Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Bill Gates and a lot more. There has been a growing distrust in the general population regarding the people in charge.

He mentioned how people are monitored and their privacy is almost non existent and that those who stand against the system are silenced and even at times killed.

He even criticized Donald Trump who a lot of people look at as an ethical politician suggesting that Donald has been instrumental in causing separation.

Meanwhile, he talks about how the division is caused between the people on several basis – rich vs poor, right vs left, liberals vs conservatives, etc. So, he gives his view on the world and the agenda that is unfolding right in front of people’s eyes.

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