Trusting The Process, Destiny and the current situation

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Alright guys, I haven’t dropped a video in quite some time but I felt like pouring my thoughts and telling you all what I have been feeling. By the way for a lot of you who didn’t know, I am in Mumbai and I left Faridabad about 4 months back. So, i am trusting the process.

Apart from that, nothing much has changed. The lifestyle isn’t much different. I am still working on the same things that I had been earlier, mainly trying to see what fits in. I don’t post much on youtube because I am more focused on growing my blog. I love writing articles on it so I don’t mind working on it because it makes me feel good anyway.

Trusting The Process

Another reason as to why I haven’t given up yet is because I feel like it was destiny for me to pick up blogging. It was destiny when I got selected in SRM. It was destiny when my grades dropped as hard as they did. It was destiny when I decided to do MBA and it was destiny when I got selected and joined SIMS Pune.

Things really didn’t come easy in my life; the way I see it. It was the last race that I took part in that I was finally able to win a medal. A lot of times, I studied hard for exams only to get an above average result. It was after about 13 years that I stood first in a competition. I won the chess tournament in the final year of my post graduation. So, if there is anything that life has taught me, it is patience.

I might seem impatient on certain issues which might seem trivial but I have a lot of patience when it comes to long term goals. Also, certain things and perspectives changed my mindset in way that I just can’t go back to the old ways of thinking.

When you work on something long enough you want to see something come out of it and it becomes harder to quit than continuing on the same path. So, if anything I am more determined to move harder in this direction compared to before because I want to see how things unfold.

So, just wanted to tell you all that I am right here and I plan to keep on going. That is all. Hope you have fun. Take care and bye.

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