Andrew Tate – The most polarizing figure of all time

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Its safe to say that if you don’t know who Andrew Tate is, you probably live under a rock. But seriously, this guy took the world by a storm to the point that nations had to change their education system to counter his teachings.

So, how did this character arrive at the forefront of the world stage and what was it the caused an explosion of his popularity around the globe? Why was he a threat to society as labelled by some while a hero as described by others?

First of all, we need to know what his background was. Where did he come from and what were his motives? What was he trying to accomplish out of all those things and is he a good role model to have?

Andrew Tate was former kickboxer and a total 4 time world champion across 2 weight classes at ISKA kickboxing which is not a very competitive league as described by most. Is he truly a world champion athlete in terms of skill is a discussion for another day. What is more impressive about him is that he is 1600 Elo chess player. No, I’m just joking.

Anyway, this guy has rich, he’s well built, has his life in shape and seems to be doing what he is meant to do. He is an amazing backstory to him as well.

This guy was a kickboxer and was aiming to become the world champion. He and his brother Tristian Tate were both kickboxers. Tristian Tate was an accomplished kickboxer himself but not at Andrew’s level.

Tristian was doing jobs to support Andrew and Andrew was training hard to become the world champion which he later did. They both literally came from nothing and there are stories about them collecting leftovers from KFC to satisfy their hunger.

Now, what Andrew was realizing was that they were working as hard as they could but couldn’t reach the financial success they wanted. It made them feel as if there was a glitch in reality and they had to figure out what it was.

Andrew even made his appearance to British reality show called ‘Big Brother’ which helped him gain further popularity.

The first venture the brothers opened was a cam girl service where in they would charge money from emotionally needy men to pay for speaking online with the women they had. One would call him a ‘pimp’ for doing so but that is how he made his first million.

And from then on, he invested in other businesses. His business model is not that clear however he does sell a course which he says shall help people escape their 9-5 jobs.

He is a great marketer and uses videos to sell his influence. He is known to have crossed lines which led to him being banned from social media.

He also had a back and forth with Greta Thunberg, a day or two after which he was accused of human trafficking which led to him being in jail for quite some time.

He came out of jail and his online presence reduced after that incident.

Nevertheless, he has managed to grab everyone’s attention. He was the most googled topic for a while and is probably the most polarizing figures of all time.

He has some good advices to give while also a bit of misogynic remarks to make in his clips once in a while. He seems to have a good opinion on a lot of things with a rich life experience. So, he seems to be doing fine.

So, this is the story of Andrew Tate. Let me know what you think of him in the comments.

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