I am at Crossroads. My current situation and the way moving forward.

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Alright guys, the past few days have been tough for. I believe God has put me in this situation for a reason and it is important to decide the next course of action.

I am finally at the point where in I have to go all in the venture that I want to. I mean it was an intention before, however I had doubts as to how it would happen. I had resistances that it might work or it might not. But I think it has now become incredibly certain that I have to go hard in it.

But there is one thing that I know. It is that the universe is run by laws. There are certain things which might feel practical and one may assume that this is how the world functions. However, there are those 1% cases where things happen out of the blue.

You realize that anything can happen. For one to be successful you have to follow the laws and do what your intuition is telling you.

For someone who is just doing his regular job and having a normal life this might not resonate, however for people who are going after the things they want to achieve it feels crazy.

Life really takes you through insane circumstances when you start following your dream. You can loose your job, your friends, perhaps even family. There is pressure on the outside by the society that expects you to follow certain norms.

People might look at you and feel like you are doing something stupid or wasting your life but you have no option but to do what you should be doing.

Anyway, guys like I said before if you have an aim then just go for it. Things might be crazy but remember that is the only option you have.

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