Things happen at their own time.

Alright guys, so I believe a lot of people in this world are eagerly waiting. Eagerly waiting for something. Could be getting the dream job, or getting married, finding the love of their life, getting rich etc. But, things happen at their own time.

You could look at a lot of people and say that he is doing so well, she turned out to be so lucky, everyone seems to be getting ahead in their life and so on. Then we might look at ourselves and feel why are those things not happening in our life yet.

Things happen at their own time.

Sometimes, we run really hard after things we want and end up never getting them. It has happened several times in my life. I believe there is only a limited number of things in our life that we can control. I do believe in ownership but sometimes certain things might not be meant for us. Sometimes, the timing is not right, the situations are bad, our luck doesn’t favor us etc.

Some other person could look at us and feel as if we don’t know how to take ownership of our life. If someone who has his marriage going well, he might look at someone else whose isn’t and blame him for his failure in marriage. But, the thing is everyone is different and has a different mindset. Everyone is dealt with different situations and it is hard to compare one’s life to others.

Personally, I feel like it is best to let go of the things that you know you cannot control. It is best to let things happen at their own time. If something is meant for you, it will come to your life regardless. If God wants to send things your way then he will send them your way anyway. Work towards things but don’t overdo it. Know when it is right to put in effort and when its best to let go.

Thanks and have a great day. Bye.

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