When will my manifestation happen? Meanwhile, just be grateful.

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Alright, so I believe this is a question that is on a majority of people’s minds. When will I get the dream job? When will I get the money that I want? When will I get the dream partner and so on.

The thing is I am in the same place wondering when these things will happen. Personally, the thing with desire is that no matter how much you have in life there is always something more that you want. I believe if other people were to see me then a lot of them would feel that I am in a comfortable position.

However, sometimes I feel a bit dissatisfied in terms of certain things. Getting a life partner or a girlfriend was not really ever on my list in terms of serious goals, however as far as financial gains was concerned I feel like I wanted certain things to happen and they didn’t happen the way I wanted them to.

Now, I believe my goals were quite big although they weren’t something like really tough to accomplish. Its not like I aimed at being the world champion or something. My goal was to work on my passion full time and it has yet to happen.

I guess when one is faced with troubles like these, there is one thing that anyone can do and that is to be grateful for what you have. Considering how awful things can get and how crazy certain circumstances can be I feel like there is a lot for you to be grateful for. Obviously, time is always going past. You could be human in this birth but there is no guarantee of being the same after this birth. You can forget this example if you don’t believe in births and rebirths.

But, the important thing is to be grateful for the things that you have right now. If you have your health in tact in these times you already have a lot to be grateful for. Focus on gratitude rather than complaining about things that have not happened yet. Keep working and don’t loose hope. If God wants it to happen, it will happen eventually.

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