A look at David Dobrik, how he got famous and what happened after

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Well, what comes to mind when I think of David Dobrik – OG, happening, popular, careless, sociable, rich and a little bit of a has-been. Well, I don’t know what he does on Snapchat but his YouTube portfolio is quite inactive.

With that being said David has impacted a lot of lives on this planet in both negative and positive ways. There is a lot to him which can’t be covered in a single blog post.

He started on Vine and collaborated with other popular Viners like Liza Koshy, Jason Nash and other people.

David already had quite a following when he started off on YouTube. His style of producing content is him having short clips combined together to make a long video. Now, with his consistency he gained a large following over the years and became huge in the YouTube space.

He founded the Vlog squad which was a group of content creators who collaborated in his videos. His videos featured sections of his large friend circle, celebrities, fans and well whoever was required for the videos.

He was making a lot of money through adsense and has also been an ambassador for several brands. The main theme of his videos are pranks, giveaways, events and anything that might seem as entertaining for the audience.

Over the years he has gone off the top, got involved in controversies and made huge mistakes which is a topic for a whole another week.

But, with that being said you can check out some of his videos to know more about him and his journey. He’s posted several videos with pretty much the same theme over and over but they are quite entertaining.

He is currently enjoying life, having a lavish home, cool cars to drive and enjoying his relationship while having enough money to never worry about it.

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