My opinion on Dr Dre and his contribution in the rap world

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Alright guys, today I decided to review none other than Dr Dre- the person who launched Eminem into the mainstream. One of the legendary beat producers I have ever come across and whose music is the literal definition of hip hop.

Yup, thats right Dr. Dre is quite awesome and I love his songs. He is best known for his song called ‘Still Dre’ a hip hop masterpiece which released when I was probably 2 years old. Other songs that I like by Dre are ‘Keep Their Heads Ringin” and ‘Kush’.

Dre was quite a sensation back in 2000s. Currently, Dre is 57 years old with an estimated net worth of $800 million so he is probably enjoying life to the fullest.

Let me know what you think of Dr. Dre.

1. Still Dre featuring Snoop Dogg

2. Kush ft. Snoop Dogg, Akon

3. Keep Their Heads Ringin’

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