How life invariably gives you what you want.

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You know life is much more mental than it seems. Its actually a mental plane disguised as a physical world.

Everything in life that happens is a result of our mental thoughts. When I actually look at it, I realize that most of the things that happened in my life happened because some time or the other I had thought about having those things.

I wanted to experience job as a person interacting with common people who work on the ground and I ended up getting the role of a relationship manager whose job was to maintain relationships with people who work in the field.

I wanted the experience of working in a sophisticated office located on a high floor overseeing traffic moving on the ground and then I was shifted to the Corporate office in Mumbai which looked exactly like that.

I wanted to live in a flat which was in a good society and which had a swimming pool and gymnasium with a good bedroom and elegant bathroom and I got exactly that.

So, I don’t really have much to complain about because life gave me exactly what I wanted to experience. I could go on and on talking about how things manifested in my life and I have seen that most people invariably get what they focus on.

Life will present you with things that you have wished for at some point or the other, so you must make sure that you are asking for the right thing.

Because, a lot of times when we get the things we had wished for, we realize that those weren’t the things that we actually wanted.

Everyone has their own preferences. You must not get carried away by what other people are doing and what they are aiming for because it may not be what you want in life.

Focus on your own vision and you will sooner or later most likely get what you are aiming for. I am sure you would have witnessed them in your own life as well.

Some people get things sooner than expected while others have to wait for their time to have the same things.

Hope this added value in some way or the other. Have fun, take care and let me know your opinion in the comments below.

Pic: Axl Rose from Guns N Roses ‘Estranged Video‘.

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