The story behind ‘Let It Rock’ by Kevin Rudolf

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‘Let It Rock’ is the song that Kevin Rudolf is most associated with. He released a handful of songs out which this one gained the most traction.

It is the one song that reminds you of the talent that Kevin Rudolf was and in a way he will always remain immortal through this legendary track.

Song Meaning, Review and Inspiration

While the song comes across as a party banger, there is a hidden meaning behind it. Kevin Rudolf spoke about how this song actually came from a place of anger and dissatisfaction with the world.

He did narrate the story and the meaning which is posted on his YouTube channel.

The song has biblical references with mention of priests who are living a lie(according to the song) and the story of the prodigal son.

Let it Rock’ was written from a place of anger and dissatisfaction with the world. It’s a song about hypocrisy. It contains biblical references – and yet people still think it’s a party song. Whatever works.

It’s a song about the hypocrisy in the world, and I’m saying that when I come through, I’m bringing the truth. I use the parable of the Prodigal Son, because I want to expose all the fakes out there – in the music industry, in the world, anywhere. A lot of people think it’s a party record, but it’s not.

Kevin Rudolf

What it seemed to me is that Kevin through this song wanted to aim at the general public. He wanted to call out fake people in the world who backstab others in order to gain advantages.

Meanwhile, they pray to God to cleanse their sins. In his opinion, they are living a lie and will get what they deserve, while he will get what he deserves for staying true.

Meanwhile, Lil Wayne jumps in and talks about dropping panties which he often does it seems. He is out there changing the vibe of the entire song and what it is actually about.

But Kevin is busy getting back at those who have done him wrong. The message could be for someone specific or perhaps a group of people he is pissed off with.

It is obvious that he is taking examples from his very own life and channeling those emotions into the song.

At the end, he talks about how he could end up being a fake person like the one he is calling out but he is choosing to be authentic and stand for what is right.

That was my opinion about the song. Let me know yours in the comments below.

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