Mental Blocks that actually delay manifestation

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A lot of people get the law of attraction twisted. It is actually the most evident law there is. While certain accidents do happen that one may not have wished for, invariably what one asks for is what one usually gets.

Now, a lot of people ask for something and expect it to be obtained by them as soon as possible, without realizing the mechanics behind it. Then when it doesn’t happen how they wanted it to, they start to feel like manifestation is a hoax.

But the thing is that the Universe will not give you the things that you desire as long as you are not a vibrational match to it.

What I mean to say is that your vibration must be in tune to the thing that you wish for. Until that happens you are not going to get what you want, plain and simple.

Now, here is where the battle starts. Reaching the vibration that is in tune with your desire is the battle of your life.

If you want a good job that pays well, you must be a vibrational match to that job. You must have the skills necessary to do that job. You must know how to handle the responsibilities of that job. Till then, the Universe is not going to hand it over to you.

If you want a beautiful partner who has his stuff together, you must be someone who also has his stuff together and you must radiate a similar vibration in order to attract that type of partner.

If you want a friend circle who is determined to achieve great things in life then you must have the same mentality in order to be a vibrational match to that friend group.

Now, when you ask for things which are outside of your comfort zone or not a vibrational match to your current state, then the Universe will start to move you in that direction.

It will cause you to change in order to reach that vibrational state and the process may be painful at times. You will have to do things that are outside your comfort zone and overcome mental blocks that stand in the way.

When you go for things that are worthwhile, you will realize that there will be several mental blocks that stand in your way. These could be generational passed on from ancestors in the family or those that have developed due to conditions in your life.

If you are not willing to change, then life is going to shake you up really badly till the time you are not left with any option but to change.

A lot of mental blocks have to do with self worth. Subconsciously, because of the things that we have faced in our childhood we may feel like we are not deserving of the things that we actually want in life.

When our parents refuse to purchase us the toy that we want, a lot of times we develop a mental belief that we don’t deserve the toy or that we are undeserving of good things in life.

When our crush rejects us, we may develop a mental belief that we are not a worthy person to be with someone that we love.

So, once you get into the process of manifestation, a lot of times these mental blocks and resistances will show up which will delay our manifestation and till the time we don’t clear them, we are not going to get what we want in life.

It is important to study our own psychology to understand where our mental blocks are affecting our life and how we can actually remove them.

So, if you want to be a vibrational match to the things you want to manifest, identify the mental blocks and resistances that are in your way and see what you can do to remove them.

A lot of times it will require you to change your beliefs and work towards being a different person so that you can match the frequency of what you want to manifest and then the Universe will present it to you when the time is right. It may be a slow process but it mostly succeeds.

Pic: Eminem from ‘Not Afraid‘.

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