What really makes life interesting?

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So, this was a question that I used to ponder on several times in my life. What is it that actually makes life interesting? If I were to give a simple one word answer to the question, it would be – purpose.

A lot of people may think of this question and come up with different answers like friends, parties, social gatherings, travel, adventure, fun and so on and so forth. I am assuming that most people would have this list since most people that I have come across in life till now spend most of their time on these activities.

However, perhaps what most people don’t realize is that on a deeper level everyone is searching for meaning. We do things that feel meaningful to us. That is why purpose is the most important criteria which makes one’s life interesting. Now, again this is my opinion and others are free to disagree.

However, I believe it to be this way because my life has gotten significantly more interesting and joyful since I have focused on doing things that are meaningful to me.

Purpose is the one thing that makes life interesting. Going after things that feel meaningful to you is when you truly feel alive.

You see people with interesting lives are interesting themselves. In movies, we are drawn to the actor because he has a purpose. He has a mission that he wants to accomplish.

You don’t want to see a movie where the main character just sits on his bed waiting for things to get better. We are drawn to people who have goals in life and who do whatever it takes to get there.

Now, I don’t mean that one should take the wrong path to reach one’s goals. Clearly, you have to be true to your principles. There need to be certain values, ethics and morals that you need to uphold while pursuing your goals.

As long as you are following the right path, you might have to give it your all to get there. You will realize that you will have to play big in life if you want to achieve your goals.

It is incredibly important that one should set the right goal. Your goals must be in alignment with your purpose, only then will you find true happiness in life.

Everyone has a purpose in life. It is the reason why God has put you in this place. So, might as well trust him and act on it.

This was my take on it. Let me know your opinions in the comments below. Have fun take care and bye.

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