Understanding Patterns, Paradigms etc and their affect your life?

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So, this blog post is about patterns that happen in your life over and over again. For example, if you were bullied as a kid you might have changed schools and gotten bullied again. You might have attracted partners that are abusive or that cheat on you and all this time you might be thinking why does this happen repeatedly.

The thing is that in such instances you have to understand that there is a flaw in your own shadow. The outside circumstances are a reflection of the inside beliefs that you have about yourself. You don’t attract what you want, you attract what you are. Now, the thing is that one needs to work on oneself and realize as to why certain things are happening.

If you partner is abusive to you then it is probably because you have an inherent belief about yourself that that is how you deserve to be treated or that you are not worthy enough. This is just an example of how an inherent belief can affect your life. Bob Proctor spoke about the subconscious mind saying that it is a like a paradigm consisting of a multitude of habits, thoughts, beliefs etc.

The thing with paradigms is that breaking paradigms is not that easy to say the least. It involves a lot of change that can be slightly difficult to digest at first but eventually through repetition one can break away from that paradigm and develop a new one.

An example of patterns can be seen in the movie called Shawshank Redemption, (spoiler alert) where a guy who is jail for an incredibly long time gets out of it somehow and commits suicide after breaking free from it. Obviously, it is only a movie and but the thing is that this is what happens many times in life. For example, when you get comfortable with someone treating you in a bad way then it is something that the brain tends to become familiar with. So, even if you break away from such people, you might want to be with them again. Lets say you have a group of friends who treat you badly and then your brain starts to become familiar with that kind of behavior. So, in this case a person might want to break away from such a friend circle but the moment he does it, he starts to feel like going back to it again. This is usually the case of victims with Stockholm Syndrome who want to marry the partner that has kidnapped them.

So, the reason I am making this blog post is to talk about things in my life. Going to college, school and the job I was a bit uncomfortable with the idea of just sitting at my home and doing the things that I love doing. Maybe, that was one key reason as to why I am not out of my 9-5 job yet.

At a subconscious level, it felt unsafe having to be responsible with my own well being. Even though I wanted to be financially independent, I might have subconsciously felt like it wasn’t for me especially at that time. So, I am starting to work on my shadow and understand things that are keeping me from experiencing the reality that I want to live in. I am trying to break away from that paradigm as well and I am working on it.

Hopefully, I will do it soon enough. I hope this helped you. Meanwhile have fun take care and bye.

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