Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have led USA to oblivion

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If you guys were paying attention, a lot of sources were claiming the last elections for the President of the United States to be rigged. It wasn’t just Trump saying it, several people around the world thought there was something fishy about how it was carried out. Has Joe Biden and Kamala Harris led USA to oblivion?

Several instances that support this claim is that the voting didn’t finish on time, Joe Biden being behind in polls in several states and magically winning them through mail in ballots subsequently etc.

When you actually look at how Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have been carrying out their responsibilities one would wonder as to who in the right mind would actually vote for them.

Things are only getting bad for the US. The dollar is collapsing, the economy is in ruins, their funds are being transferred to Ukraine while their gas prices are increasing, gender confusion being promoted in the masses etc. Meanwhile, Joe can’t remember his speeches correctly and Kamala Harris can’t stop laughing at questions.

Joe Biden went from being the youngest Senator to the oldest President in US history. Joe has actually achieved a lot in life. In his young days, he comes across as pretty intelligent person but it seems like age has gotten to him.

Well, watching this makes me realize how time and circumstances change people. People might stand for something in the past and go on a different direction in the future. People can change their opinions and what they stand for. A lot of times it also has to do with their hidden interests.

Ultimately, one has to be careful while dealing with people and make their decisions accordingly.

Meanwhile, the citizens in USA and also around the world have their fingers crossed as to what would happen in the US Presidential elections this year.

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