Seeking Validation and Approvals from others is damaging to your self image

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Alright, as someone who has sought validation and approval from other people growing up, I found that it would create a repelling effect on other people. The more you want other people to like you and approve of you, the less its going to happen that way.

The thing is when you want other people to respect you, they are going to do it the least and when you are not seeking respect you will find that they respect you. I read this in a book called Letting Go by David Hawkins. I think you can probably relate to what I am saying as most likely you would have experienced this in life.

When you want other people to appreciate you it is actually a void in one’s self worth that he is not good enough.

Now, I did have this problem at some point of time in my life. I was undergoing bad moods, depression and it was basically during that time that I felt the need to study more about these things. Certain people did view me in a bad light and they basically thought that I would not account to much in life.

When I got out of depression, I wanted to show everyone else how far I have come in life (basically) and how successful I could be in order to feel valuable and worthy. But the thing is that they may or may not be around to experience it.

But again as I started following my passion and doing things that meant something to me I found that I didn’t require much of their validation. I mean some people will always think of you as a fool in their eyes and there won’t be much you can do about it. However, you can decide if their opinions about you mean anything to you or not.

Personally, I believe I have let gone of approval and validation to quite an extent at least the need is much less compared to before. Not only, do you gain the validation from other people once you let go of the need for it, you also feel much lighter and better about yourself because their opinions are not going to bother you.

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