Why Deuce had to leave Hollywood Undead?

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So, Deuce aka Aron Erlichman was among the founding members of the rap rock band Hollywood Undead along with his best friend at the time J-Dog and Shady Jeff. But not long after the band was formed, Deuce left the band in late 2009. Swan Songs and Desperate Measures were the only albums that Deuce did with the band before leaving them.

Problems between Deuce and rest of the band

So, Deuce’s departure from the band turned out to be a very ugly one. After he left the band, Deuce released a song called Story Of A Snitch in which he was aiming insults at other members of the band. He was mentioning how his best friend J-Dog stabbed him the back and how he was forced to leave the band. He was also talking about how other members in the band weren’t good enough to fill his void and that he made the band and led them to be where they were. So, his side of the story was that his bandmates forced him to leave the band.

According to Charlie Scene, Deuce used to bring with him a personal assistant who was being paid $800 every week for about 4 months. Deuce decided not to show up on tour with them after the band stopped paying his personal assistant.

Da Kurlzz stated in an interview with Bryan Stars that it was hard to accomodate Deuce in the group.

It was so bad, that I don’t think there would’ve been another record if he was still with us. We bent over backwards to accommodate Deuce.

Da Kurlzz

Deuce talked about the situation in his own interview with Bryan Stars that the personal assistant that was being referred to was Jimmy Yuma who is now his guitarist and lyricist. Jimmy used to set up equipment for Deuce and Deuce was paying him out of his own pocket. The band did not have to pay him anything until they started using him for setting up their own equipment. Deuce also stated that the reason why he did not show up was because he was previously told by the manager that the band had broken up and that there wasn’t going to be any tour. Deuce mentioned that the band was getting jealous of his lead role in the group and decided to do away with him.

Also, there seemed to be a dispute regarding the twitter account. Deuce used to tweet and chat with fans on twitter and the band warned him not to do so if he wanted to be on the tour with them.

Danny joins the band

Daniel Murillo aka Danny had been touring with the Hollywood Undead since 2008. He had been performing with the band in Deuce’s absence during the tour. Daniel had been the singer for Lorene Drive and had just advanced past the auditions for American Idol Season 9. He decided to drop out of the competition and join the band in 2010. He was chosen as Deuce’s replacement.

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