Understanding blocks to manifestation and how to remove them

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You see a lot of people struggle with manifesting. Most of them are able to manifest their desires eventually. Things ultimately play out in such a way that one is able to get what one wants.

But, the thing is that it takes a large amount of time for a lot of people. While in the process of getting what you want, one may come across a lot of resistance.

These resistances and mental blocks are things that we must identify and work on to manifest our desires.

Mental blocks can be related to different things which may hinder our results. They can be based on self worth, fixed beliefs etc.

Mostly, they have to do with self worth. A lot of times people feel that they aren’t worthy enough to reach their desired goals. As a result, they are not able to get where they want even though they may be working extremely hard.

These blocks tend to vary with what you are trying to manifest. Someone may have good results with one kind of manifestation while bad results with the other kind of manifestation.

Someone may find attracting money easy while finding love difficult while the opposite could be true for other people.

An example of how blocks come up in manifestation could be like, someone trying to become famous but at the same time be scared of getting having to deal with the attention of a large gathering.

One could be so bothered with criticism that one may find it difficult to deal with all sorts of criticism coming their way from huge gatherings.

Another example could be that one may want to become rich but have a faulty programming based on inherent beliefs like ‘Money is the root of all people’, ‘Rich people are those who exploit others’ etc.

A business person may find it difficult to grow his business because he cares too much of what others might think of him. When things don’t work out initially he might have doubts in his own service that he is offering.

A person who has been alone and is craving for a relationship might have an inherent belief that he is not good enough to attract love in his life.

Once you understand what your mental blocks are, you are able to move past them and attract what you want in life.

That was all. Hope you had a good time. Let me know your opinion in the comments below.

Help us reach more people

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