Understanding my own Shadow and how it was affecting things in my life?

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Alright guys so this post is going to be about shadow work and how shadow work can change things in your life.

What is the Shadow?

Shadow refers to your unconscious mind and the part of your personality that is not clearly known. It is the part of your personality that is somewhat hidden and that you don’t normally identify with yourself. The shadow aspect of a person is not normally revealed and known to oneself. It is through discovering and exploring one’s psychology that one begins to understand one’s shadow and how it affects one’s life. Shadow refers to perceptions, beliefs and opinions about oneself that one is not directly aware of.

Shadow work: How to do it?

Shadow work is the work that one does to understand one’s shadow and it is like throwing light on a dark place to know what lies there.

One has to work on oneself, in the sense that through observing one’s thoughts and their origins one understands things about oneself that one might not have known. Over the years as I began to understand myself and what I wanted I also uncovered certain aspects of my shadow that I was not otherwise aware of.

An example of this in my life was that I used to hesitate before spending money. Now, this is a normal case for a lot of people however the inner belief or the thought in my case and also probably in a lot of people who do this is that they have a scarcity mindset. Somewhere deep they might believe that there is a lack of money and that they won’t earn be able to earn more money to compensate for it. Now, this could actually be a thought that could be holding a lot of people back from raising their income.

Another instance of shadow work in my case was the fact that I used to be hesitant in meeting other people or hanging out with a certain group. The underlying belief in my case was that I did not think that I would be treated the right way and that I might be the odd one out in the group. An instance happened in my childhood where I was actually rejected from playing and it kind of became a self fulfilling prophecy. I was always hesitant in meeting other people because of an inherent belief that I might be rejected.

So, this is how I became aware of my shadow and how I started to work upon it. By understanding your inner beliefs you can work upon them to change them. Once you get aware of what your shadow is, you can change your perceptions, beliefs and opinions. Shadow work is really important if you want to identify your blocks, flaws and how you can move past them to get better in life. So, hope this video helped you. Have fun take care and bye.

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