Trying to Control Things: Doesn’t work the way you want it to

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Alright guys, so I have been trying to control several aspects in my life- money, relationships, career etc. What I have seen is that the more you try to chase or control something, the opposite of that usually happens in life.

You might want to control the outcome of a particular situation, you might be chasing after money, trying to get someone to like you etc. You might find that what ends up happening in the process is that you fail miserably. While you might be using the law of attraction, or doing whatever you can to get the results you want you will find that the opposite of it happens in life a lot of times.

Trying to Control Things

If there is one thing I’ve learnt in life, it is that you can only expect the unexpected. Things don’t always happen the way you think they will happen. In times like these, it is just best to let go of control and let things happen their own way.

David Hawkins wrote a book on it called ‘Letting Go’ which talks about a simple process one can use to let go of negative emotions, outcomes, feelings etc. So, the idea is to let go of control, expectations and know that things will happen in the best way suitable for you.

Letting go and surrendering to the process will help you increase your vibration and help you attract better things in life. Also, it will teach you that you probably don’t need the outcomes to happen the way you think they should happen. It is important to trust the universe and let things happen the way they are meant to. It is also important to take action, however too much of action actually communicates a distrust in the process and one should know where to maintain the balance. Have a good day.

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