Hard Work or Luck? What works in life?

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Alright guys, so its been a long time since I wrote a philosophy blog and I just wanted to get talk about this topic for sometime.

So, what is it really about hard work or luck. What works in life? Personally while hard work may be an essential key I just feel like luck might have a huge role to play as well.

Now, the thing is in my life I just feel like I never got things so easy. And when you keep working on something for a long period of time you kind of expect results to happen and it can be a bit demotivating when things don’t happen the way you thought they would.

At one end, there are people working hard day and night and struggling to make ends meet and at the other end there are people who are born into a rich family and who have never faced dearth of any kind. So, life varies to a huge extent.

When I used to study the concepts related to reality, I used to feel that I had it all figured out. I studied the subconscious mind, law of attraction, law of vibration and a lot of other concepts similar to these. Learning them initially made me feel like I had landed on the jackpot.

But eventually, when you start working and in way start applying what you’ve learnt you realize that it is not so easy as it seems. I feel like it has been the case with me almost every time in my life when I was trying to achieve a major goal.

For example, it took me 3 years to win a silver medal in school. It took me hours of studying to simply get an 85% in 12th boards or even manage an 88%ile in CAT. In B. Tech I was struggling to pass subjects while studying for long periods of time while my roommates got better grades with seemingly less effort.

So, what I have noticed is that you can never be so sure of anything and that outcomes can never be explained so easily. Although, the universe is same for everyone and the laws work the same for everyone, I just feel like circumstances, outcomes and results vary for everyone. There are a lot of factors which come into play that one may never even factor.

But, there is one thing I suggest for everyone and that is to have a long term goal and to work towards achieving it. Like Larry Bird said ‘I have a theory that if you give 100% all of the time, somehow things will work out in the end’. So, just take action and give your best and let go of outcomes. You already have a lot to be grateful for so be grateful for the little things that you have.

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