Trusting The Process and Letting Go of Control

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Alright guys, I hope you all are doing well. This blog post is about trusting the process and letting go of control when manifesting things.

Now, this is mainly for people who are trying to make it big in life. Some of you might have reached where you intended to be so you might not resonate with this blog post. This is mainly for people who are trying to get the results they want and are not yet successful in getting them. It could be youtubers, bloggers, or people who are aiming for a dream job etc.

So, the thing that I have realized is that there is actually no point in controlling things or trying to control things. Results are something that are not usually in our control, a lot of times. All we can do is take the action required and hope for the best. Also, the thing is that we have to take action and hope that the universe will help us complete it. Certain things have to be left up to God to be fulfilled. There is no point in trying to control everything as in a way it is just not possible.

Now, the thing is that we must trust the process or the universe that it will help us in accomplishing our dream. We must let go of the attachments to the outcome of things. This is easier said than done for most people including myself. It is hard to let go of the attachment to results because eventually the results are what people are working for.

If I were to realize that the blog I worked on for 2 years would not give me any results, I am definitely going to feel disappointed about it. It definitely would feel scare to me to know that the work I did for about 2 years ended up being futile. So, I am actually not at the kind of level where I don’t feel scared about not getting any results.

However, if you are working on a project and you feel like this is of use to you, then definitely let go of attachments. It helps in better peace of mind and also better your chances to manifest. Hope this helps. Peace and have a nice day.

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