Getting a Passive Income: How hard is it?

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Alright, so passive income is something everyone wants to have(I believe almost everyone unless one is a saint or less ambitious maybe). Rich people have multiple sources of income out of which some may be active or passive. But in my opinion, having a passive income is really important in order to be financially independent.

Now, the question is how difficult is it to get a source of passive income? How long does it take for a normal person to generate passive income and can a normal person generate such a source of money?

Well, I have come to the belief that anything in life is not easily accomplished especially if it is a big goal. Now, big or small is subjective and depending on people’s perception. However, if you set out on a goal that you perceive as a big one then it is definitely going to take time accomplishing it.

It is hard to generalize success for different people. For some people, they are able to earn money a lot easier than other people. It may take them only months to start out on a business and they might end up earning a lot more than those working on their business for years.

In my case, blogging was the idea that I came up with in order to be financially independent. My subconscious mind presented me with this idea and I decided to follow through. It has been 2 years since I have been working on this. The first year doesn’t really count because I hardly worked on my blog, and there was considerable growth in the second year, however I realized that a lot of people actually are able to earn large amounts of money by working on their blogs for like 6 months or so.

The thing is that a lot of success depends on your beliefs which create your reality and also your self image. The amount of success that you perceive yourself to be worthy of. Then again, I beleive in destiny so a lot of times things that happen in your life are destined as well.

Getting a passive income and earning your desired amount can be hard or easy depending on your beleifs and also your self image. It might take you some time to get there and it might take other people less time to reach there. In my case, I would say it has definitely not been easy so far although off recent I have had growth way more than ever experienced before.

The important takeaway is that one must try to create as many sources of passive income as you can. Find something that you are passionate about and which you can use in order to create a good income for yourself. Don’t loose faith and keep working on your long term vision and eventually it will become a reality.

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