Letting Go of Outcomes, Attachments and Control

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Hey man(yeah you reading this), how are you first of all? I hope you are doing good. Now, coming to letting go of outcomes, attachments and control. Why is ‘letting go’ important in life? Why should you let go of something? In this blog post I will talk about all that I can and also my experience regarding this thing.

Why should you let go?

So, a lot of law of attraction experts have been focusing on the concept of letting go of attachments and outcomes. Why is there a need to let go of things? The thing is when you hold on to something tightly, you are very likely to loose it. An example could be when you are in love or friends with someone you would have found that when you are extremely attached to someone, that person tends to be repelled by you. A very good example could be when you are constantly texting or calling the other person, you will find that they probably won’t reciprocate at least at the same level. Well, this is a common scenario however it could be different depending on the energy dynamics between the two people. And you would also have found that when you are not attached to something you are more likely to receive it in life. When you don’t let go of something, it comes with a needy vibration that is basically saying that ‘I want it so badly that you cannot do without it’. This needy vibration is very likely to repel the things that you feel attached to. That is a reason why attachment to anything is bad. Hence, you must always be fine with or without the object that you could feel attached to.

Why are people attached to outcomes?

Now, I guess it is a basic tendency for any ordinary person to be attached to outcomes or possessions. Yeah there are people who have total control over their minds and are not attached to anything at all but I think it is a very very small minority and we don’t usually come across such people frequently to say the least.

Human beings fear letting go because they want to be in control and have a sense of security. They can’t handle being in an environment where they don’t know what is going to happen. Why is it hard to let go of attachments like friendships, relationships, money etc. Because lets face it, it is scary to be in a situation without these things.

How letting go might actually get you the thing you want in life?

Letting go is important because when you let go, you are no longer in the needy state of vibration which is driving out that thing in the first place. Hence, when you are no longer in a needy state of vibration, you will find that the particular thing comes much easier to you.

Also, you will feel a lot better when you let go of attachments and outcomes. It feels much better mentally and emotionally. Now, an important thing to note is that you must never let go of things just so that they can come back to you. Let go of them in the sense that you don’t need them anymore and are absolutely fine without them.

My experience

Coming to my experience, I am in a similar position right now. I had started the blogging business about last year in the hope that I would make it big. To be honest, things didn’t go as I had planned like what mostly happens. I always thought that by such and such time, I would be able to gain a good amount of money. This is my target for this year and this is what I hope to achieve by the next year and so on. I had read a good amount of self help and I felt that I could achieve anything(which is not a wrong belief) and I thought that the things would go exactly as I had planned. Now, I wrote a number of blogs. I think I put in all the amount of work that I could. I was releasing large amount of content and yet the results weren’t there initially. At first, I was struggling with getting my blogs ranked on google. When they got ranked and some even appeared on the first page, I found that I wasn’t getting enough traffic on the blog. So, I am at that stage where in I am not getting the desired amount of traffic that I had set out for. In the middle I also was contemplating my blogging career whether it was right or not, but I guess it has been the right thing afterall the universe doesn’t make any mistakes.

At this point of time, maybe the universe is wanting me to let go of stuff and outcomes. Well, that is how things are happening at the moment. I guess all you have to do is trust the universe and know that it will bring the right thing to you at the right time. Some people say strength lies in holding on but I guess many a times it is more about letting go.

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