How the universe tests you?

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Alright, so I decided to talk about it. Now, the test could be in different ways because there are several ways to test a person. But, I will be talking about instances which happened in my life.

Instance 1: Is your resolve firm or not?

So, this was regarding a person that I was thinking of removing from my life. I have realized that you know there are times when you have to let go of people and not hold on to them. So, we were good friends at one point of time, but the friendship was starting to fade. I realized I was putting a lot more effort into maintaining the friendship than him. And, when I made the decision to let go of him about a few months after that someone came up to me and told me to reach out to him. This happened like twice in a duration of 6 months. So, eventually I got thinking as to whether I should get back to him or not. But, I decided not to considering how there wasn’t much point left in the friendship anymore. So, I believe this was an indication to test my resolve. The universe might give a little test to see if you stick to your resolve or not.

Another example could be that you might have given up non vegetarian food. But lets say that you go to a party and are served non veg snacks that are tempting. So, this could be also a similar test to see if you stick to your decisions or not.

Instance 2: Have you learnt your earlier lesson?

Well, in this case I encountered a problem that I felt I had already dealt with. But, it appeared in the reality again. So, a few years back there was a person I really felt attracted to but I couldn’t talk to her. And I always wished I could get a chance to speak to her. I was able to have a 2 sentence conversation with her, but that was it. A lot of things happened after that which are way too much to talk about right now. But what I learnt was that you should never try really hard to get someone to be your friend or a partner or whatever it is. So, after that I moved from cities and came across a similar person. Well, initially I felt like speaking to her but I had remembered my lesson. So, in this case again the universe might put you in a similar situation to see if you have learnt your lesson or not.

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