Less is More: The art of getting more by doing less

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Alright guys, I hope you are doing well. Now what do I really mean by the topic. At times doing less can be more effective than doing more. What I mean is the fact that at times when you put too much effort into something, you will find the negative results taking place. You might have experienced it when giving exams. At times, despite doing everything you could, you found yourself not being able to score good marks. Sometimes, you tried everything you could in order to make a relationship work but things fell apart still.

Now, the things is that you need to let go of outcomes. A lot of times by letting go of the outcome, you will find that things actually come a lot easier in life. You will find people running after things, trying to get ahead in God knows what race that they are trying to run, yet they will at times only end up not getting what they really want. Or even if they get the thing they want, they won’t realise that there were ways in which they could have accomplished more had they not been chasing things in the first place.

I remember when I was in college (B. Tech), for some reason I was doing really badly in studies and yet I was always chasing higher grades. There were some kids who would study at the last moment and yet end up scoring much more than I did. I used to start studying before most of my friends only to secure less marks than all of them. Now looking at it from a physical perspective, one could say that maybe I wasn’t paying attention in class, or that those guys were studying behind the scenes or I was not really studying effectively. But these things I believe are only disguises to the fact that I was running after grades and putting way too much effort into accomplishing good grades. When you put a lot of effort, it comes with an underlying thought that it is tough to accomplish what you are trying to accomplish. And like I have talked about several times in my blogs before, beliefs create reality. What you perceive to be true, you find a reflection of it in your outer reality.

So, the important point is that don’t be attached to outcomes. Realize that no matter what the outcome, you will be fine regardless. And don’t overdo things. Put the required amount of effort but if you ever feel like you are putting way too much effort then I feel you must calm down, because it might likely happen that you will not get what you are aiming for.

Anyway, that is all. Do what makes you feel good because that is what true success is in my opinion. Have fun. Let me know in the comments in case you want me to write a blog post on something that you want to know about.

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