Manifesting your dreams : 5 step process to getting what you want

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Alright, so in this blog post I will talk about manifesting your dreams or getting your desired results using the law of attraction. Now, this is the 5 step process which I follow and it is a quite similar to what is explained in the book called ‘The Secret’. However, I would like to throw more light on this because I feel a lot of people who read the book might have misunderstood the process. I read the book when I was a small kid and I did not understand these things well at that point of time. However, I have been observing these things for years and I think I do have a fair understanding of how it works.

Anyway, these are the steps:

  1. Understand your intentions and goals.

This is the first step and it is pretty much the most important step in the process. Your intentions should be clear. You must have a clear understanding of why you want to accomplish the goals that you have set out for. They must mean something to you. A lot of times people ask for something they are not really serious about. A lot of people aim for something that might not be suitable for them.

For example, there could be a person who is extremely passionate about painting. Now, lets say he never thought of becoming a painter maybe cause he was perhaps scared to take on that path. Now, he might be doing something he is not passionate about, lets say he is doing engineering. He might aim for getting high grades in class. Now, it could be that the universe wants him to head towards painting and so the universe does not give him good results in academics. The intention of the universe is to get him out of engineering so that he can follow is passion for painting. So, in this case it might happen that he does not get what he had aimed for.

I am sure a lot of people can relate to this example. A lot of people are at times moving towards things that are not suitable for them. So, that is the reason why I tell people that they must be clear on what they really want out of life. A lot of people might not really know what they want and it is fine. In this case, ask the universe for setting you on the right path and you will finally get a vision of what you really want.

So, be clear about your goals and visions. Have a clear understanding of why you want to achieve them. Understand your intentions. Make sure that your intentions are good and well meaning.

2. Ask

Once you have decided your goal, ask the universe for it. Ask the universe to deliver it to you. Let the universe know what you want. Clearly state your intentions to the universe and tell the universe that you would like to have it. Basically, ask the universe to help you in getting it.

3. Believe

Now, a lot of people have a hard time believing as to how something can be manifested especially if its a big dream. The thing is you have trust the process. Know that the universe can always bring it to you. Always ask the universe as to what you can do to get the desired result. The universe will tell you the correct way to go about it. In this way, your desired intention will become believable to you. The path of reaching towards your goal is important. If the path you have chose to reach your goal is correct then you are bound to reach your goal if you move along the right path. The universe will always give you the correct path to follow. Trust the universe on that. So, that makes it easy to believe in the process.

4. Take the required action

Now, it is very essential to take the required action. The subconscious mind will let you know what all you need to do and you just have to follow its guidance. Now, a lot of people call this hard work but the thing is if your intentions and goals are clear then taking action is never a difficult thing to do. When your dreams mean something to you then you can’t wait to see them manifest. And another thing that you should understand is that the process should be enjoyable to you. That is how you know that you are on the right path and you are aiming for the right thing.

Like people say, the journey is more important than the end or the start. So, enjoy the process. If you are not enjoying the process then you are aiming for the wrong thing. Follow the path that feels blissful to you. In that process, work becomes a pleasure and you really enjoy doing it. Do work which gives you a sense of satisfaction. Like Bob Proctor once said, work should be done for satisfaction not for the sake of earning money.

Do whatever the universe tells you to do. Have fun with the process and eventually you will achieve the goal you wanted to.

5. Receive

Once you have done the required amount of work, you will receive the output. Enjoy your dream and inspire others to pursue theirs.


During the process, don’t get needy with the outcome. What you chase tends to run away from you. Be patient. Become okay with not having the outcome right now in the moment. Enjoy the present moment because the present moment is already whole and complete. With that being said work towards your goals but don’t get attached to the outcome. Become fine with not having certain things in the moment. Be grateful for every good thing that you have in life. At times, things might not happen the way you have wanted them to. Realise that the universe has your best interest in mind and things are going to be great regardless of whether you accomplish your dream or not. I hope that you accomplish your dreams.

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