The night is darkest just before dawn

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Often times, we wonder as to why we are facing problems in life. We see other people being chill and having fun in life while our backs are often against the wall.

There is a saying which goes ‘The night is darkest before dawn’. It often comes across as a cheesy motivational quote but, it is something we see in nature as well.

It is actually true though now when I look back at life. The bad times I had all came to an end. Yes, they come back sometimes again and again but that is how life is. Nothing lasts forever and times change. Good and bad times are like seasons; they are cyclical in nature.

No one ever goes through life without some kind of crisis. Crisis has a lot of opportunity in life. We get to understand things that we otherwise would’ve never known. It is only when we move through the difficult times in our life, do we realize our potential and the capabilities we possess.

You see you should be careful of what you ask for, because in order to get it you will have to undergo the challenges necessary to become the version of you that is capable to handling those things which you have asked for.

You want to have your own business, be mindful of how you spend your time. Be wise when making decisions and become good at planning your strategies.

You want a good spouse, you must be the kind of person who can handle being around the type of person you are looking for.

If you ask for things which come across as big or out of reach, then the Universe will put you through a lot of tests so that you are deemed fit for what you have asked for before the Universe provides you with it.

When we go through challenges, we must not loose heart because life changes very fast. There are going to ups and downs and it is essential to note that bad times don’t last (well neither do good times but you get the point).

It is important to know that we are being tested and one must not give up during these times because things are just about to turn around.

Don’t loose hope. Things will happen at the right time. Your time will come. Be patient. You will be just fine.

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