What happened to My Darkest Days?

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 My Darkest Days was a rock band from Canada formed by Matt Walst along with his friends Brendon McMillan, Doug Oliver and Chris McMillan in 2005. Chad Kroeger from Nickelback discovered them and signed them to his label 604 records.

Now, Chris McMillan was replaced by Paulo Neta later on when Chris decided to leave the band to become an electrician. In 2009, Matt met Sal Costa and Sal replaced Paulo Neta to become the band’s lead guitarist. Pualo then became the lead guitarist of Thornley and Big Wreck.

In January 2013, Sal Costa was reported to have left the band. Around the same time, Matt Walst also decided to join Three Days Grace following Adam Gontier’s exit from his former band. With two main players leaving the scene, other band members decided to take up side projects on their own. Doug Oliver started Cold Creek Country. Reid Henry and Brendon McMillan started a band called ‘Deadset Society’.

While the time that they were together, they produced some really great music. Their songs have a unique style, pretty rhythmic music based on dark themes. Its sad that they ended a little too soon. My Darkest Days is known to be still maintaining an active facebook page after their extended hiatus.

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