Sick and Twisted Affair: My Darkest Days Song Meaning and Review

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‘Sick and Twisted Affair’ is one of my favorite songs by My Darkest Days. It is the title track of ‘Sick and Twisted Affair’ album released in 2012. This was the 2nd and the last studio album by the band and then the band pretty much broke up in 2013.

Song Meaning and Review

Sick and Twisted Affair is about being in love with someone so deeply that it becomes toxic. The other person feels like a dr*g and the one in love feels like they are addicted to that person. It can be in a relationship or without a relationship. The other person makes you feel alive but it is toxic at the same time.

The song is pretty relatable for a person who is in attached to a person that is wrong for them and can’t get out of it. Based on my personal experience, at times, this kind of love situation can get addictive. One may not know how or when to draw the boundary, it gets crazy. It also happens when a person can’t decide whether to stay or move on.

The song is pretty rhythmic like most other My Darkest Days songs. The tune of the song is pretty unique. Its sad that the band broke up and didn’t produce more tracks like these.

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