A look at Tiësto and his top 5 songs

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Tijs Michiel Verwest OON who goes by his stage name ‘Tiësto’ is a DJ and music producer from the Netherlands.

He is famous worldwide for his music and was also instrumental in elevating electronic music during his time.

Tiësto found his passion for music at the age of 12 and began DJing for school parties at the age of 14. Between 1985 and 1994, he began to play at different clubs for long hours often from 10 pm to 4 am.

Eventually, as he gained experience he started to release his own tracks from 1994. After that, he went on to produce greater hits which brought him the stardom that he was hoping for.

Recently, I saw a thread where people were talking about him changing his style of music creation to fit in with the market demands and what was trending.

Tiësto even spoke about it publicly when asked about why he left trance in 2007-08. The main reason for him quitting his previous style of music was because he felt it wasn’t relevant.

Of course, there were some fans who liked it, but it wasn’t popular among the majority of electronic music listeners. Personally, I find that strange since I like trance music myself.

I feel he should have innovated in his own category, instead of adapting to trending music because it often kills the inherent creativity of the individual.

Anyway, it was his decision to do what was best for him.

These are in my opinion the top 5 songs by Tiësto –

1. Tell Me Why

2. C’Mon

3. Insomnia

4. Secrets

5. Elements Of Life

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