The Marilyn Monroe Effect – Shift Reality at Will

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Marilyn Monroe was an icon whose name has been carved for eternity. She graced the world with her presence from 1st June 1926 till 4th August 1962.

Its commendable that a lot of people remember her decades after she passed away. While her life was not a happy one as she herself admitted that she was generally miserable, she was known for manipulating reality to her liking.

There was an effect named after her called ‘The Marilyn Monroe’ Effect which was about shifting your reality by changing your identity.

It can be characterized as developing an alter ego which has the desired aspects that you want to experience within yourself.

One can also simply choose to take a particular identity and leave behind the previous self image to get the desired results.

The story is like this: ‘Marilyn and her friend were walking in a street in New York. Marilyn was extremely popular at the time, however no one seemed to be noticing her. Her friend was amused that none of the people paid any attention to her.

Marilyn noticed her friend’s confusion and said ‘Do you want to see me become her?’ Her friend being amazed at her question said ‘Yes’. Marilyn turned around and they continued walking and then all of sudden she had people turning their heads to her, cars stopping by to see her and so on.’

So, the idea was that Marilyn had decided to switch her personality and turn into the star that she was. It was after she made the decision that people began noticing her.

This phenomenon is also called the law of assumption. The idea is that at any time you can assume a personality or certain qualities to be associated with yourself and people around you will start to look at you like that.

So, that is what the Marilyn Monroe effect is in simple words. Assume anything that you want to assume about yourself and you will find that people will assume the same about you.

Help us reach more people

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