Reality Transurfing: The practice that can change your reality and life

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Reality transurfing is defined as the art of creating the reality you want by choosing what you want.

According to quantum mechanics, there are several number of realities in the world finite or infinite. It depends on you as to which reality you want to experience.

So, the key to manifesting the reality that you want is by aligning your thoughts and actions according to the desired reality.

As it is rightly said by Nikola Tesla “If you want to understand the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”.

So, you have to match your frequency according to the frequency of the reality that you want to experience in order to experience that reality.

The thing is that the thing which you are dreaming of, there is a version of you at this time that is already experiencing that reality.

So, reality is just an outward representation of the human mind. When you change your mind you change your reality. So, the key to tuning into the desired frequency is to change how you think, feel and act.

You must think, feel and act like the version of you that is experiencing that reality. When you align your frequency to the version of yourself that is experiencing that reality, then you will start to experience that reality.

First of all though, it is important to accept where you are. If you are not financially stable, then it is important to accept it. If you are not in a loving relationship, then it is important to accept it.

Accept your situation the way it is and feel the necessary emotions that come along with it. From that point on, you can decide about the reality that you want to experience and align yourself to it.

Set your goals and start to work towards them. Let the Universe guide you as to how you can achieve them and follow the guidance of the Universe. Later you will find how reality starts to shape the way you want it to.

I hope this helped. Let me know your opinions in the comments below.

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