How beliefs affect your reality? Something worth knowing.

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Do you ever wonder why is it that some people earn so much amount of money and don’t appear to be working so hard while some people strive to make ends meet? Have you ever thought as to why some people score good in a test while not studying so hard, while there are some who study for hours and end up with poor marks?

Most rational people would know the reasons behind the above questions. In terms of marks, a lot of people would argue that some students are more intelligent than others and tend to score well with less effort. In case of wealth, some of you might say well certain people are more capable than other people and earn a lot of money. A lot of you might feel these things are based on luck and there is not really a logical explanation to such things.

Well, I believe that luck is an important factor and yeah intelligence and capability must always be taken into account, however I believe that results that you get depend a lot about what you believe to be true. Your beliefs affect your results probably more than anything.

With that being said, if you believe that earning marks is easy then the process will be easy for you. Likewise, if you feel that it is difficult then the process might be difficult for you. A person might be intelligent, however if he internally feels that scoring marks is difficult he would find that marks don’t come easily for him.

Likewise for money, a person might be very capable but if he feels that earning money is hard and one has to strive hard to earn money then he would find the process of earning money really difficult.

So, that is how beliefs affect your reality. Remember, if you believe that certain things are easy then they will come easily to you. It depends on what you really believe inside of you. So, next time when you gulp down an extra ice cream, remember it won’t add to your weight unless you believe it will. I personally used to eat a lot of junk food and never found my weight to increase because I realised that I perceived myself to be thin. That perception kept me a slim person no matter what I ate.

That doesn’t mean that you stop eating healthy food and consume a lot of junk food. Eat healthy food guys!! Don’t expect results so early because beliefs take a lot of time to change. What you internally believe is not something you will be able to change so easily. For example, if you believe that you are overweight, you will find it difficult to change it to the belief that you are a fit person, because on the outside you will see yourself as an overweight person. So, it will be like forcing a belief upon your mind or it might feel like you are lying to yourself.

So, I guess you have got the point by now.

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