How California Dreaming by Hollywood Undead explains the twisted reality of living in California?

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So, California Dreaming is one of the most popular songs by Hollywood Undead. It was released on 24th July 2017.

Song Meaning and Explanation

Well, quite a number of songs have been based around California and even about California Dream. California has the image of being a city that inhabits people living an affluent lifestyle. A lot of outsiders feel that California is one of the best places to live and several people kinda dream about living there.

However, putting the glamour aside there are several other things that outsiders would not be aware of.

It dissects both sides of California. You’ve got the glitz, glamor, sun, and surf. Then, you’ve got the super fucked side of people not being able to afford rent, celebrities being assholes, and that fake facade. We wanted to do a heavy song with a Red Hot Chili Peppers-esque chorus. It’s an old-school vibe explored in a new way.

I think for all of us, my whole life has been defined on some level by some of these things. Me and J [Dog], we grew up on Highland and Franklin, which is about three blocks above Hollywood Boulevard and the center of Hollywood. Now this area is unrecognizable now. We wrote part of the verse track, it’s like this used to be our city and now, it certainly isn’t.

We always kind of felt that we’re the outsiders now. And there’s a huge aspect of that in that song where we grew up here, but this belongs more to other people than to us. I think that’s a big message in the song.

The interpretation of what California and what Hollywood is, you see the polarization now and the disconnect from the world of entertainment to reality and I think that disconnection is growing bigger and bigger every day and you see that especially in politics and these sorts of things. Not to get into those things, but there’s a separation between Hollywood and reality is growing more and more.

We’ve already written songs based on this subject. It’s odd enough because it still is a sticking point to me enough to go, “Hey, we need to write another song about this.” Or it inspires me or us to go down that road again. We’ll see how this whole thing develops. And I love L.A. and I love California, I love these places that I grew up. Obviously, there’s a huge sense of nostalgia. To be completely honest though, the majority, I don’t even recognize anymore

In the music video, we see riots happening and rifts between protestors and the police. Also, there is a lot of reference to Hollywood and how stars are made in Hollywood. The movie stars are chosen by people who have authority in Hollywood. In order to be wealthy and famous, you have to sell your soul which is something a lot of artists talk about in their music videos or interviews etc.

For you to know what happens in Hollywood or California, you have to be a part of this place.

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